Boarding set for double wall(EC011514)

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Nico Schmid 2 years ago created
Hi all,

I have problems to understand group "Boarding set for double wall/built-in element" (EC011514).
Does this class refer to support systems for fixing the built-in element to the wall? Does it refer to material used for attaching the sanitary ceramics to the built-in element?
Or both?

Thanks everyone for your help!

Edit: Is Tap fastening element for construction wall (EC010967) the class for material used for fixing taps/washbasins/ceramics to the built-in element?
Marc Habets 2 years ago created
No, it is a gypsum plaster board set (or made of plastic), that is used to finish the wall in front of a build-in sanitary element. Not the best example but this Geberit product is also classified to this class . Or see picture attached.

To your second question, these are elements to fix taps (just taps!) to system walls that will otherwise not be strong enough to support the forces transferred when operating the taps. Please notice that in CMT on the left side there is a button "2BA' which leads you to example products in the Dutch central database 2BA, that often can help a lot understand what products are meant. In this case also many Geberit products are listed, see 
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