Correspondence between ETIM Class and ETIM MC

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Roberto Ortega 1 year ago created

I was wondering if there is some kind of correspondence between the ETIM Class Code and the ETIM MC Code. Looking at a "Vortex Grille" for example, I have seen that there is no correspondence:

- EC011359 - Vortex grille
- MC000178 - Vortex grille

Is this the case in all the other classes? Finally is there a way to browse the different ETIM MC classes currently available?

Thanks very much,

Marc Habets 1 year ago created
Now you are looking into things that might be a little too soon for you! 😃 ETIM MC is only being used now (more like tested) in the Netherlands. 

The magic in CMT happens if you switch to Dutch language, see attached screenshot. And yes, basic ETIM EC classes and MC classes are related in the ETIM MC release, see second screenshot, but you can also see it in CMT in 'linked ETIM base classes'. Once you selected an MC class you can change back to English again, but then the relation with the EC does no longer show. 

You can download the complete ETIM MC model freely from the Dutch website see, format description in English is included but also some documents only in Dutch. 

ETIM International has no formally adopted ETIM MC as international standard, an ETIM MC user group will start soon to see how we can take the next (or better first) steps on international level.
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