Country specific regulations and PRODUCT_CHARACTERISTICS for ETIM BMEcat guideline version 4.0

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Nico Schmid 9 months ago created
In this thread I'd like to discuss country-specific regulations, as well as the country-specific product-characteristics.

The relevant document can be found here:

The first issue I'd like to discuss is NO_SUPPLIER_HEADING. I find it cumbersome that a mandatory element isn't explained.

Can someone please give me some background?

@marchabets​: What do you think about mandatory explanations for all country-specific elements? I.e. an explanation must be offered from the guy who requested the new element, otherwise the element will not be added to the ETIM BMEcat.
Marc Habets 9 months ago created
Hi Nico, the idea of this PRODUCT_CHARACTERISTIC element is to be better able to accommodate local needs for information, that is only used for one country, in a flexible way. So in ETIM BMEcat we only offer the structure, the local organizations are fully responsible for these themselves, also to hand in the documentation. But of course a good explanation would be expected where needed. @haraldoterholt​ or @knutvibstad​, can you help Nico to understand what information is asked for here?
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