Difference between EC000885 (Eye screw) and EC002368 (Lifting eye screw)

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Roberto Ortega 2 years ago created

What is the difference between EC000885 (Eye screw) and EC002368 (Lifting eye screw)? Comparing their features, I see that "Eye screw" includes 2 more properties, EF004376 (Connecting thread metric) and EF000369 (Total length). Actually the reference image for "Eye screw" has a metric thread, while "Lifting eye screw" does not. Is this the only difference between these two classes? In terms of naming, what does it imply that one of them includes "Lifting" and the other doesn't?

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Marc Habets 2 years ago created
The difference is in the thread type, which was not very well translated in English. I changed the class names to EC000885 - Eye bolt (metric) and EC002368 - Eye screw (non-metric). So the last one is to be screwed into wood. See also improved reference products. 

But this directly identifies another problem, since there also is class EC002367 - Eye bolt. As mentioned before, the group for fasteners urgently needs an expert group rework, I will add this issue as a reminder in that section.
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