EC000214/EC002288 - Small distribution board un-/equipped - includes industrial distribution boards?

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Roberto Ortega 3 weeks ago created

I was wondering if classes EC000214 and EC002288 include industrial distribution boards, like the one I attach. I haven't found more relevant classes, but I'm missing features to inform about the kinds of industrial socket outlets available, and I'm not sure what the word "small" refers to here (in comparison to what?).

The example I attach is equipped so in theory it would enter "EC002288 - Small distribution board equipped", but I'm not sure.

Thanks very much,

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Marc Habets 2 weeks ago created
Without doubt this should be classified as EC000379 - CEE socket outlet combination. 
Roberto Ortega 2 weeks ago created
Hello once again,

I had an additional question regarding CEE / Schuko adapters and multiple outlets. I attach several images of the products I'm talking about. I have researched online and I've seen that similar products are classified as EC000379 (CEE socket outlet combination) or even EC001576 (Power cord), because you can choose the type of ending on each side, but I don't these classes are correct. EC001320 (CEE coupling) doesn't seem to fit either.

I attach the images.

Thanks very much,


Marc Habets 1 week ago created
Hi Roberto, I checked this again and also I can't find the proper classes for these, so I am pretty sure new classification is needed for these. 
Roberto Ortega 1 week ago created
Hi Marc,

Ok I see. I'm faced with a dilemma here because in ETIM 6.0 these products were classified as EC000140 "CEE Plug", and although the class is not correct, more than half of the class features are filled. If I remove the class in ETIM 7.0, then the products loses the features, but if I maintain the class in ETIM 7.0 then the class is not really correct... neither option is good. What would you do in a situation like this?

Thanks very much,

Marc Habets 1 week ago created
Advice Solera to sign up as a member for ETIM Spain, so they can apply for a new class asap! Or ask other customers you have with similar products (and are already ETIM member) to do so. @perecrisol​ maybe you can give them a call and explain how ETIM works?
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