EC001590 "Installation switch" vs. EC000029 "Push-switch button"

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Roberto Ortega 4 months ago created

I'm trying to understand the difference between EC001590 "Installation switch" and EC000029 "Push-switch button". The reference image is the same and some of the possible values in EF000006 "Method operation" are the same or similar, such as:

EV000092 - Turn button
EV003188 - Hotel card
EV000239 - Pull cord

Thanks very much,

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Marc Habets 4 months ago created
Hi Roberto, I changed the reference product, but for this type of products the explanation is not in the image. EC000029 - Push-switch button: other keywords could be momentary switch or pulse switch. The typical thing about this type of switch is that it only makes contact when pushed and automatically return to their normal (neutral) position. Often used for example in dimming, each push sends a pulse. 
In EC001590 - Installation switch there is also a logical feature EF003895: Push button switch, the difference should be that this means a push button operating a real physical contact switch, not a pulse switch. Hope this helps in understanding. 

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