EC010064 - Radiator thermostat button VS. EC011295 - Thermostatic control element

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Roberto Ortega 6 months ago created

I was wondering why "EC010064 - Radiator thermostat button" is not included inside EC011295 - "Thermostatic control element". A radiator thermostat button is a type of thermostatic control element, isn't it? Where would digital thermostat buttons belong? (like the attached image)

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Marc Habets 5 months ago created
EC010064 are very specific products, only used for heating radiators. EC011295 has the same function, that is correct, but can be used for many types of valves. Technically there is overlap, but in the market there should not be any confusion, since EC010064 are very typical products.

EC010064 already supports models with clock programm, but to fully support new digital functions some more features will be needed. 
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