EF000030 - "Function" in class - EC000640 "Soft starter"

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Sarguru Mahalingam 3 months ago created

In class - EC000640 "Soft starter", Function feature has two possible ETIM Values,
1. EV014006 Single direction,
2. EV004002 Reversing starter

We are not quite clear with the value. Can anyone explain what is the meaning of both the values and how to choose those value for soft starters (if there is any criteria) ?

Marc Habets 3 months ago created
I am not a product expert, but looking at classified data I have access to, I don't see a single product that is classified as 'Reversing starter'! The value EV004002 is also used in EC001037 - Motor starter/Motor starter combination. For that class I can see manufacturers that use this value. So maybe for a soft starter the value (and then the complete feature) is not relevant and should be removed?
Sarguru Mahalingam 3 months ago created
Hi @marchabets​..Thanks for your comments.

I think you are correct. It seems like values and feature are not relevant to the product.

We got information from our product manager on "Soft starter" like some starters will function in only forward direction (PSE Type) and some in both forward/reverse directions (PSTX Type)

So, if only forward function based..do we need to consider "EV014006 Single direction" ?

What value needs to be used if both forward/reverse directions are possible?

Hope you can help us..
Marc Habets 3 months ago created
Your last comment suggest that indeed reversing soft starters exists, then the values are correct! Only forward direction (standard) is then EV014006: Single direction and both forward/reverse directions is EV004002: Reversing starter. See also attached EATON memo and this post by Schneider https://www.se.com/uk/en/faqs/FA22870/
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