Which is the suitable Voltage Header used for ‘EF011960’- Rated operation Power NEMA”

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Jeshwin Dsouza 5 months ago created
We need a suggestion on one of the feature  more about the UL- ‘EF011960’- Rated operation Power NEMA” as in our documents we have several ratings by different voltages headers , so would like to know  what voltage value headers our user use?. We have never maintained this value in ETIM before but would like to maintain it. ?
Marc Habets 5 months ago created
This feature was requested new for ETIM 7 by Sonepar, undoubtedly for their North American operations. I can see productdata from for example EATON that provide data for this feature also in Europe, see attached example, maybe it helps you understand. @holgerwestphal​: maybe you can help Jeshwin (ABB DE) understand? If not, I am sure your US colleague @pampagenkopf​ can help.
Holger Westphal 4 months ago created
In that discussion inside Sonepar, the voltage was never a topic and we already received data from different suppliers for that feature - so i'm a bit surprised by your question.
Jeshwin, would you mind to provide a sample of a datasheet, to get a more detailed idea? I searched the ABB-site for examples, but didn't find something that made it clearer.
Jeshwin Dsouza 4 months ago created
Hi, Please find below , we are not sure which voltage header needs to be considered from here?
Pam Pagenkopf 4 months ago created
Hi All, 
Our NEMA expert has been traveling....this is complicated as the voltages in North America do no align to those in Europe.  In US the following are used:
In Canada they also use 347
Marc Habets 4 months ago created
But the feature EF011960: Rated operation power NEMA is not related to a specific voltage, which can be wrong of course? BTW, the example datasheet provided by @jeshwindsouza​ is very small and difficult to see. I can see however that you list the power rating in hp instead of kw as in the ETIM class. Is the NEMA feature we have completely wrong? @maryshaw​: any chance to check with NEMA directly? 
Mary Shaw 4 months ago created
I will check with NEMA and advise.
Mary Shaw 4 months ago created
Ok, I'm waiting to hear back from NEMA, but while we wait, I came across something interesting so thought I'd share it.

Also, from what I see in our database, I don't believe this feature is handled right.  In many cases many contactors just reference "NEMA" in their descriptions. 
Would you be able to share the Sonepar request for this with me so that I can get a better feel for what they were asking for? I can see the RFC but it's stroked out and there are no details.
Marc Habets 4 months ago created
@maryshaw​: I can see no more then you see, there was no more information added to the RFC @holgerwestphal​ can you give some more information on why this feature was asked for?
Holger Westphal 4 months ago created
That discussion was held back in 2014, so i don't have much of that, sorry.

Rechecking what i found, we had example catalogues/spec-sheets - some stating different ratings @different voltages, other don't specify a voltage.
The colleagues form CA&US said they'd be fine with that basic feature which  we currently have - but, that might be a mistake (or just outdated during the 5 years since).
So, i wouln'd argue against changing to a power rating that is linked to suitable voltage - or maybe have 2 features (@110 V and @277 V for example). I hope Mary receives a reply from NEMA that helps us getting that right.
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