ETIM API - ETIM MC Classes available?

Last comment 16/01/2020 11:07 by Marc
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Roberto Ortega 10 months ago created

I was wondering if it's possible to download the ETIM MC classification from the ETIM API, to be able to obtain the latest classes & changes.

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Marc Habets 10 months ago created
Short anwer = no! ETIM MC is still very much in the start-up/development phase. At this moment only the Netherlands is working on an actual implementation, where Germany is also investigating and some other countries are investigating. ETIM MC is not simple and implementation per country needs to be very carefully considered and prepared. Therefore we don't want to promote access to ETIM MC without a parallel well prepared implementation. However, a dynamic release is also available for ETIM MC, ask your local ETIM office about it, but at this moment I don't think that Spain is ready for MC implementation yet.
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