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Arun Banakar 3 years ago created
Hi @marchabets

I am new to BMEcat, can you please send step-by-step guidelines of ETIM BMEcat (video tutorial will be helpful). Earlier we used to work only in excel, now we need to convert ETIM product data (excel) to BMEcat.
I don't anything about BMEcat, I didn't find scratch level guidelines in internet.

Thank you.

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Marc Habets 3 years ago created
Dear Arun,

The guidelines we have are for download at But these are the guidelines on how to use the format and an explanation to the different fields/elements. It is not a guideline on implementation. To produce a BMEcat file you will definitely need a software tool (PIM solution) that can export your data in BMEcat format. That is not something you can just do 'manually'. So at least you have to involve someone with the proper IT knowledged and/or buy a standard tool. ETIM only defines the standard, we are not equipped to support in individual implementations. I guess you saw the 'quick scan on ETIM implementation' already, that can give you a first idea what the steps are, see 
Arun Banakar 3 years ago created
Thank you @marchabets​. I will go through these links, I guess, these are enough to get some basic idea.
Arun Banakar 3 years ago created
Hi @marchabets​, Is it possible to share test xml file which you showed in video tutorial? I have some doubts, so that I can check...
Marc Habets 3 years ago created
Of course, see attached. If you don't have an XML viewer you can use Notepad to open the file. Or you can use a tool called XML marker, version 1.1. of this tool is free to use, you can download it at 
Marc Habets 3 years ago created
Hmm, apparently I can/t attach that kind of files here, I will send it you by e-mail.
Arun Banakar 3 years ago created
Thanks for your quick response.
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