ETIM Dynamic synchronisation

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Kirsten Schelde Larsen 11 months ago created
I wonder how often the Certification tool is synchronized with the CMT - when it comes to validation against ETIM Dynamic?
I got a report with some error messages .. 'Feature does not exist in this productclass.'  -  where in fact the Features are part of the ETIM Dynamic version of the class.
Marc Habets 11 months ago created
Dear Kirsten, we only recently determined that it is impossible to validate the dynamic release! If I have a file from last week and after that new changes were done, a situation that easily can and will happen, the validation of the file will give errors. So we think it is impossible to perform good validation on dynamic and in fact decided to soon delete this option from the validation tool. If you send me your report file directly to my e-mail, I will analyze it if that gives me more info.  
Marc Habets 11 months ago created
To make my answer complete, we will delete the validation for dynamic for now, but will try to find a solution that works for the future, since the importance of dynamic release will increase in time.
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