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Marc Habets 1 year ago created
Unfortunately we experienced some 'bot attacks' recently where many spam topics regarding Chinese manufacturers were posted. So I had to implement a reCAPTCHA script on the website, meaning that new users will have to confirm that they are not a robot. I hope this will be sufficient, if not I might have to implement is also on topic level, but let's hope that is not necessary. At the moment this website only supports V2 type reCAPTCHA, with V3 the users do not need to confirm themselves, I am hoping this will be supported here in the future as well, to limit nuisance for the users to a minimum. Finally, at the moment the reCAPTCHA message displays in Dutch, which can hopefully be fixed soon, but I hope that everyone can understand 'ik ben geen robot' 😁 for now
Florian Taufer 1 year ago created
It's a great opportunity to improve my Dutch ;)
Marc Habets 1 year ago created
Since we are still experiencing problems with bot attacks, I increased the level of reCAPTCHA security so that a confirmation has to be given for each single topic. Sorry for that, but hoping this will be sufficient to keep our forum clean!
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