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Jakub Jochman 8 months ago created

Could you please tell me, why sometimes in ETIM classification there is kind of replacement for the features?
I mean that one feature with this same description and unit. eg. "EF009994: Connection diameter" will be deleted and replaced by same feature but with different ID - "EF001648: Connection diameter". Could you clarify me, what is the purpose of doing this?

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Marc Habets 8 months ago created
'Douze points' for Nico 👍😊. If their are duplicates, then one is made deprecated to be exchanged for its successor (the one that stays) in time. See https://prod.etim-international.com/Feature/Details/?id=EF009994&ref=%2FFeature%2FDetails%2F%3F. Often duplicates are caused by translations of new elements. Or things like 'diameter of the connection' versus 'connection diameter', not exactly the same but clearly the same meaning. By finding and solving duplicates we try to increase the quality of the classification. 
Nico Schmid 8 months ago created
Hi Jakub,
I checked the RFCs and believe that it was done as part of  RFC 28310.

RFC userkevin.loesel
RFC typeMaintenance (consistency, sort order, corrections,...)
Requester countryNONE (RFC for translation update or maintenance)

To me it seems like they just vanished a duplicate.
Jakub Jochman 8 months ago created
Thank you for fast support. So this actions are part of increasing quality of the classification (removing duplicated features, leaving only one). Now it's clear for me :)
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