Fitting with 2 connections (EC003024) - Shape (EF000051)

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Nico Schmid 10 months ago created
I am not sure how to treat pipe bridges (see attached). Surely EC003024, but I am lacking of an appropriate EV to define the shape, I believe.

A pipe bridge is a bend which is used to cross parallel pipes or other obstacles.

That's different from an Offbend (S-bend) (EV020061).
And even if the shape is defined as Other (EV000154), I am still lacking of a possibility to store what we call the height (H1).
Any ideas? Thanks very much!
Marc Habets 9 months ago created
Hi Nico, are you sure offset is not the right choice? As far as I know an offset is not necessarily an s-bend. In the attached screenshot from 2BA you see colleagues classifying similar bends as offset.
Nico Schmid 9 months ago created
Thank you, Marc. Yes, it's an offset. Still, in my eyes the features of EC003024 are insufficient to describe its geometry.
I find "H" (see attached drawing) relevant, but I have no clue where to store it.
Marc Habets 9 months ago created
Hi Nico, that is the downside of more general classes. It could be solved by adding a feature EF020397: Offset, but then that would only be relevant for very few products assigned to this class. And then it still if questionable if everyone unambiguously understands that your H measure is meant. For the geometry, ETIM MC Modelling Classes are the future. I guess you know what ETIM MC is? If not see

Christer Nordemo 8 months ago created
I have today added some guidance for Shape under reference products for EC003024 in ETIM CMT.
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