Flexible connection dimensions on fittings

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Christer Nordemo 3 years ago created
Here in Sweden we have a question about fittings with flexible connection dimensions on fittings.

This applies for example to “Fitting with X connections”. In this case, theoretically all connections can be of flexible dimensions. But let us reason for the sake of simplicity about “EC003024  Fitting with 2 connections”.

The products are like this example, Drain transition coupling with the range 175-200 mm (DN 150-200) in one end and 145-165 mm (DN 150) in the other. https://www.rskdatabasen.se/kategori/plastror-avlopp/tillbehor/overgangskopplingar/fernco-3109509-206 .

One of the central features of this type of products is that the connection dimensions are flexible, so we think this must be shown in the model. The product type currently spans over almost 1000 products in the Swedish article database. Therefore, in Sweden we have discussed a number of different solutions to the problem.

1.    The classes “Fitting with X connections” are supplemented with connection dimension ranges (eg EF020122 Outer pipe diameter connection 1, EF020123 Outer pipe diameter connection 2, etc.). The current property with fixed dimensions in mm is retained.
2.    The classes “Fitting with X connections” are supplemented with “Flexible diameter connection 1”, logic T/F. And then supplemented with connection dimension ranges for connection 1. This is repeated on the respective connection.
3.    Brand new classes are produced, type "Connection with X connections (flexible connection dimension)" based on the ordinary "Fitting with X connections". The difference is then only that the connection for “Outer pipe diameter connection X, could be given in the form of range.

The connections can also overlap several nominal dimensions (DN). If desired, this can be added to the above suggestions according to the same methodology. But we think that the exact dimensions given in mm are enough.

What solution do you think is appropriate? Any of the suggestions above or is there any other idea of how to solve this problem the best way?
Marc Habets 3 years ago created
Difficult! There is one other class that has some resemblance with this EC011508 - Clamp strip coupling, that also has a variable connection dimension. That is kept separate from the "Fitting with 2 connections" class so far. I would not supplement the current numeric Outer pipe diameter feature with the range-type variant, in that case you would need to replace the numeric one by the range type. But that does have quite severe impact in this important class with many products. I think we need to gather some more opinions from the experts on this, for now I would vote for a separate class.
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