Guideline to choose between "Accessory class" and a regular ETIM Class

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Roberto Ortega 2 years ago created

When classifying in ETIM, I sometimes find myself with a doubt: where should I classify accessories for a product, if this accessory also has a regular ETIM Class? For example, a manufacturer sells certain screws as accessories for their products. These screws have a certain thread size, type of head, etc. So even though they are accessories for a certain product, and could be included a class "Accessories for", classifying them in a regular screw class allows to inform about the type of screw it is, which I wouldn't be able to do if I classify it as an accessory.

If there is no regular class for the product then I would go for the "Accessories for" class, but in the case we have to choose, what are your thoughts on this? Are there certain guidelines that you would follow?

Thanks a lot,

Nico Schmid 2 years ago created
I find it difficult sometimes, too.

Marc: "[..] if you only sell it as an accessory that cannot be used for other purposes I would say it should be listed as accessory. [..]"
It was partly discussed here:

I tend to ask myself the following and then decide whether accessory class or "true" class:
Would the data recipient (wholesaler) use the product information for filters in their webstore?
Would the consumer search the product in its "true" class or would he search the main product and then navigate from there?

Using Accessory Classes
+ less work
+ product information for filling features of "true" classes isn't available

Using "True" Classes
+ more product information
Roberto Ortega 2 years ago created
Hello Nico, 

Thanks very much for your answer, makes a lot of sense! ? I will write another question I have in the other topic you showed me, so it's all there.


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