Including different ETIM Releases in the same BMEcat

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Roberto Ortega 9 months ago created

I had two questions regarding including different ETIM Releases for in a BMEcat:

- If a manufacturer has products classified both in ETIM 6.0 and ETIM 7.0, can it include both releases in the same BMEcat, in case some wholesalers are still working with 6.0?
- If a manufacturer has some products only in ETIM 6.0 and others only in ETIM 7.0, can they include all these products, even though they have different releases?

Thanks very much,

Marc Habets 8 months ago created
It is possible to include multiple ETIM versions for the same product in a BMEcat file, but the ETIM BMEcat certification tool will only validate on the ETIM version selected. This means that for the selected ETIM version for the validation ALL products need to have classification according to that version. (when no classification exists for the product you can exceptionally use 
EC000000 see guidelines). Any other ETIM versions (or other classifications) can be added in addition, but will not be validated. To your second question, a mix of multiple versions does not make sense and is not supported in the validation. You need to deliver at least one version complete. I also don't think that PIM tools will enable this. 
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