Meaning of feature EF008037 "Switchable" and EF005950 "With LED indication" in class EC002762 "Power

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Roberto Ortega 2 months ago created

I was wondering what the feature EF008037 "Switchable" in class EC002762 "Power distribution unit (PDU)" means. Is it referring to the fact that the PDU has a switch so you can turn it on or off, such as in the attached image?

On the other hand, does EF005950 "With LED indication" inform if the switch has illumination? Why is it specified that it's a LED illumination, is that important in this case?

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Marc Habets 2 months ago created
Regarding 'switchable' you are correct. LED indication does NOT necessarily mean that the switch is illuminated, however usually I expect it to relate to the fact if the unit's power is turned on or off. See attached example for Legrand, where there is a LED indication that is an illuminated switch.
Roberto Ortega 2 months ago created
Ok thanks! Regarding the LED indication, you are saying then that it could be on the switch itself (my attached image) or in a separate place (your attached image), but in both of these cases, there exists an indication, so I assume it would be "true" in both cases right?
Marc Habets 2 months ago created
Not sure, I don't think they would call an illuminated switch 'with led indication', it does not really matter what type of light source is used. What I mean is that both should indicate the same, meaning if the power is switched on or not. So I see led indication separate from the switch, no matter if the switch is illuminated or not.
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