Hi everyone, at the moment we are working on filling the ETIM features. (ETIM7)

We came across some features that are unclear for both the technical author and the product manager (and for me, of course).
Everyone is unsure what is really meant by the feature.
It would be great if someone can briefly explain the meaning and definition of the following two features (class-related) so that we can fill this feature correctly.

- EF020795 'Outlet model' for class EC010340 'electronic tap': what is meant by outlet model and which outlet ist meant here? does someone has an example?
- EF024767 'suitable for high/low frame' for class EC010165 'shower toilet': what frame is meant here?
- EF020788 'With outlet' (class EC010165 and EC010938): do you mean, whether water can come out of the tap or no?
- EF020972: 'with aerator' (EC010938): we do have aerated anti-splash jet nozzles, can I set the value of the feature to true or is another aeration meant?

Thanks for your help. Greeting from Switzerland