Mening of EF001033 Protective contact

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Christer Nordemo 6 months ago created
Does anyone know what this Feature refers to?
See for example "EC000125 - Socket outlet"
Marc Habets 6 months ago created
As far as I know, this is just to indicate that the outlet has a earthing contact, that in some cases is redundant with the model value and/or the next feature on the round earthing contact. 
Christer Nordemo 6 months ago created
@marchabets​ Okay, thanks for the information.

I have received Swedish feedback that it would be better to update the Model feature with the socket type that has a round grounding pin (if they not already are included under the Model feature.

Having properties that repeat what is already in other Features / Values they consider not appropriate.

Should I set up an RFC with this according to you?
Marc Habets 6 months ago created
There are a lot of values in the 'Model' feature already and it might not always be clear if they have a protective contact and which type of contact. I believe that was the reason for the current solution, accepting some redundancy but preventing any possible confusion. So I don't think it is a good idea to change that. To be sure @karlpappas​ what do you think?
Karl Pappas 5 months ago created
Marc answered via email in detail:
MH: Protective contact refers to an earthing contact. This class needs to combine many different local outlet types in one class. So looking at the models, for many of the local types like Swiss norm type 13, for locals it will be clear if they have a protective contact yes or no. The extra protective contact features are meant to clearly describe these products, so that also someone unfamiliar with the local types has info on important specifications. In NL we use a protective/earthing contact like circled, but in Belgium they use pin earthing. So the extra feature for round earth pin is to be able to filter out those that use a pin. 
Christer Nordemo 5 months ago created
@marchabets@karlpappas​ Thanks for your answers which explained the purpose well.
However, I would like us to clarify the Feature "Protective", as it could mean other things (not quite likely - but still ...). I suggest we adjust the text for EF001033 to "Protective earth contact", what do you think about that?
Karl Pappas 5 months ago created
"Protective earting contact" sounds perfect for me and also for Wikipedia and Google
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