Need for a Group for 'Water treatment' equipment

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Kirsten Schelde Larsen 2 years ago created
Hello;  I am looking for potential Classes (and a Group) for equipment like
> Heavy-duty flow makers (mixers) for reservoirs at (waste)water treatment plants
> Dosing systems for dosage of chemicals at water treatment plants
No existing classes seem to apply.
There is already a Group 'EG015170 Air Treatment'.  Are there any plans for creating a Group for 'Water treatment'?
Marc Habets 2 years ago created
Hi Kirsten, we do already have a class for dosing pumps, EC010267 - Dosing pump. This class was called 'metering pump' in English before (with dosing pump as synonym), I changed the class name now to dosing pump. 

But that is all there is now. There is no group for 'water treatment', the classes that exist are in several groups, like EC011732 - Water softener is assigned to group EG015140 - Filters/separators. I will send out a call in our internal system to see if there is interest in other ETIM countries to start an expert group on this. I will keep you posted if there is interest. 

I don't really have an idea about 'Heavy-duty flow makers (mixers) for reservoirs at (waste)water treatment plants', can you give me a link to your website where these products are listed. Clearly this area has not been really within the focus of ETIM so far, but if you have a need for new classes of course we can add them. Let's first try to demarcate what is missing.  

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