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Jakub Jochman 2 months ago created

After login in, there used to be possibility to download EC/EF/EV/EU in particular language. Just code and description for it.
It's missing now. Is there a "new" way to download for instance only features description in Finnish language? 
In Dynamic release there are no all of the available languages, e.g. Swedish is missing.
I attached ss how it was in the past.

Thank you in advance.
Jakub Jochman 2 months ago created
Hi @marchabets​ - sorry for calling you, but you're the best expert I know and the case is urgent for me ;) Could you please tell me if there is a chance to download description EC/EF/EV for chosen language?​
Marc Habets 2 months ago created
Hello Jakub, 

I am sorry, but we had to remove this download option. ETIM is an open standard, so the coding system and the ETIM English version will always be open for free to all. But not all the local language versions are open (although we promote that where possible). For not open language versions you have to contact the local ETIM office, usually these are only available to local members. But if I recall correctly, you should be able to get the Swedish if you request it. 
Jakub Jochman 2 months ago created
Marc, thank you very much for clarification. 

Best regards,
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