Possible issue with translations of EV009715

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Holger Westphal 2 months ago created
Looking on the latest changes to EC002084 i maybe found an issue with the translation of EV009715: 
German is currently set to "Düse" which might fit with the english "nozzle" - but only partially suits the dutch "Mondstuk", which could be translated to "Mundstück" => "mouthpiece".

Looking at the different classes, i'm Pretty conviced that we should use two different values, one Fitting the technical "nozzle"-device (might be "Düse" in german) and another value for the Thing that the user of a breathing apparatus has in it's mouth (mouthpiece/Mundstück/mondstuk might be good Terms for that one)

Best regards
Karl Pappas 2 months ago created
Dear Holger,
I agree with you and I have already created an RFC for that class to change the value.
Kind regards
Karl Pappas
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