Range values in a BMEcat file

Last comment 06/02/2019 14:03 by Marc
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Wil Test 3 years ago created

I am not sure how to enter values for a range feature in a BMEcat file, can I just enter for example 15-100 in the FVALUE field? 

Marc Habets 3 years ago created

Entering 15-100 in the FVALUE field as you suggest is NOT correct. See the screenshot I added from the ETIM BMEcat guidelines for the proper way to enter range values using BMEcat. So basically you just duplicate the FVALUE field.

Roberto Ortega 2 years ago created

Regarding ranges values in BMEcat, if the feature cannot be informed, I understand that we have to include both FVALUE as well, right?

So it would be (see next comment with image)?


Roberto Ortega 2 years ago created
Marc Habets 2 years ago created
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