Reference image EC011343 "Ball valve"- isn't it an example of EC010058 "Shut down valve (tap water)?

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Roberto Ortega 6 months ago created

I attach one of the reference images of EC011343 "Ball valve", which shows a shut down valve (tap water), if I understand the english description of EC010058 "Shut down valve (tap water)" correctly. Or is EC010058 a very specific kind of product, not the valves we have at home in order to shut down the whole water circulation?


Marc Habets 5 months ago created
The many reference products at EC011343 intend to clarify different types of operation. Main feature of all products in EC011343 is that the closing element is a 'ball' that turns open or close. EC010058 - Shut down valve (tap water) are indeed very specific products, that maybe are not in use in all countries. The closing mechanism of these valves is a 'spindle'. Typically they are used to close off branches etc, but basically can also be used directly after the water meter to shut off the complete circulation. But (at least here in NL) we use different valves, like a ball valve, for that. 
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