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Christer Nordemo 10 months ago created
In Sweden we have a problem with "EV000143 - Light". In English "light" can implicate:
- Light coming from a lamp, the sun etc (ljus)
- Have a light weight (lätt)
In the ETIM system the value EV000143 include both of this meanings.
In Swedish these two meanings have complete different words. Are there any other languages who have the same problem?
In the ETIM system the value EV000143 include both of this meanings.
Karl Pappas 10 months ago created
- EV000143 is currently used in 6 ETIM classes and in one MC-class

- in all 6 ETIM classes the meaning is "low weight"

- so I have added a remark for EV000143 in CMT "kp: Light = in sense of low weight and not in sense of luminaire or brilliance."

- I've also changed the German translation of that value in "leicht" instead of "Licht" some weeks ago

Some ETIM countries should also change their translation of EV000143 - some are already correct, some are wrong; I will send a Trello task to our TC members

- only in MC000211 the meaning of EV000143 was in the sense of luminaire/brilliance
- I've corrected this in an RFC with the value EV022882 "Lighting"
Christer Nordemo 9 months ago created
I also did find "EV000143 Light" under "EC004041 - Laminate floor board" and "Rfc: 27548" with the wrong meaning.

In connection with this I was going to suggest "EV013007 Bright" in the RFC Discussion. But are really this the correct English translation from "EV013007 Bright": "Bont" (NL) and "Bunt" (DE)?
Bjørn Lindebrekke 9 months ago created
Hi, the EC004041 is now updated with correct value for Light after good help from @karlpappas​. 
Thank you @christernordemo​ for discvering the error. 
Karl Pappas 9 months ago created
As mentioned by Christer, we still have inconsistent translations for EV013007.
The question is the correct meaning of that value for the 2 classes where thus value is used in the ETIM Building Sector.
Christer Nordemo 9 months ago created
My suggestion is that we change the English translation for EV013007 to "Patchy" or "Hue shifting". It should be consistent with the meaning of the value for the classes and translations in NL and DE (and mainly for NO and SE).

The new value "EV016841" is good for use with the "luminaire light".
Christer Nordemo 8 months ago created
@karlpappas@maryshaw​ Should we change the English translation for EV013007 to "Patchy" or "Hue shifting" according to comment above?
Mary Shaw 8 months ago created
Sorry gentlemen, I'm trying to get a grip on what the issue is here.  When referring to low weight,  we call it light-weight, medium-weight, heavy-weight, so there is no confusion with luminaire light.
Now for EV013007, it is only used for brick or brick veneer for colour nuance, and frankly the 3 value options are very vague.  Plain (meaning flat or dull? not shiny), nuanced (the colour nuance is nuanced? that doesn't make sense) and bright (meaning light in colour? or shiny?).  Does anyone have an image showing the difference between plain and bright?  I would take Patchy as multi-coloured, and should probably be an additional value.  Hue shifting to me would mean the colour changes when you look at it at different angles.  Brick wouldn't do that, so I think multi-coloured is better or patchy would work.  Sorry, I realize I'm not being much help here.
Christer Nordemo 8 months ago created

@maryshaw​ I think we agree on "Light".

Regarding "EF026342 Colour nuance" so I think it can be a feature of importance to complement "EF020851 Colour group". But we may need to create a new feature for this information (see below).

First, we should change the English translation to "EV013007 Bright" to "Patchy" which is better matched with the Dutch and German translation (which we also used in Swedish as the basis for our translation).

My suggestion then is that we replace "EF026342 Color nuance" with a new feature "EFxxxx Colour appearance" with the following values:
- EV000210 Fixed
- EVxxxxxx Gradient [New]
- EV013007 Patchy [ex Bright]
- EV003822 Multi-coloured
- EV000154 Other

See examples in the attached attachment.

Everyone is welcome to comment on the proposal, so we can move on and end the matter.
Marc Habets 8 months ago created
Could the proper translation for EV013007 be "particoloured"?  See also or that defines it as: having different colors in different areas or patches. I would also change the Dutch translation to 'bontgekleurd' and German to "buntgefarbt" to avoid any possible confusion if we start classifying fur coats 😀
Mary Shaw 8 months ago created
Lets hope we don't have to classify fur coats.  LOL
I'd be ok with parti-coloured, or even variegated.  This is what I found:

parti-coloured party-coloured/ (ˈpɑːtɪˌkʌləd) /
having different colours in different parts; variegated
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