UDX.EDXF.PACKAGE_BREAK - what is the meaning of this element

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Roberto Ortega 9 months ago created

I don't understand the explanation of the following element: UDX.EDXF.PACKAGE_BREAK, which says: "A flag indicating whether a package may be broken." Why would a customer buy something if he knows that the package could be broken? Or maybe it's that the package could be opened?

I attach screenshot.


Marc Habets 9 months ago created
Hi Roberto,

I had to dig a little myself to find the answer to this 😀. This element was introduced with version 3.0 of the guideline and was requested by the Norwegians. It is somehow related to the element before that, UDX.EDXF.PACKING_UNIT_NAME. 

In Norway they have standardized packing units like f-pak, d-pak, etc. On wikipedia: A D-pack contains one or more consumer packs (F-pack) and should go unbroken through the value chain from manufacturer to store. It should normally only contain one item type. Requirements are set for labeling and traceability through the value chain ..... So that means that if it is an f-pak, the wholesaler would not be allowed to open the package and sell the contained smaller package units separately. 

I will at least make a note that we try to add some more explanation in the future, since this clearly not so evident. @haraldoterholt​: can you confirm that my explanation is correct?
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