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Mapping ETIM and UNSPSC

Last comment 1 week ago by Marc

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How to deal with REFERENCE_DESCR in multi-language catalogues?

Last comment 1 month ago by Nico

ETIM BMEcat - guidel... New

Filters and HEPA

Last comment 2 months ago by Marc

ETIM Classification... New

Meaning of EF000074 Number of units and EF009573 Number of modules (module system)

Last comment 9 months ago by Holger

ETIM Classification... New

Common mistakes in classification part 2 - bad English translations

Created 10 months ago by Jeroen

ETIM CMT tool New

Common classification mistakes: part 1 - RTFG

Created 10 months ago by Jeroen

ETIM CMT tool New

Soremu ETIM PIM and ecommrce

Last comment 10 months ago by Marc

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