Anti-condensation valve

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Simone Parenzan 2 years ago created
Hi everybody,
I’m trying to classificate our anti-condensation valve but without success.
This valve automatically regulates at the set value the temperature of the water returning to the generator to prevent condensation of the water vapour contained in the flue gas.
Anyone have any suggestion?
Thanks in advance.
Marc Habets 2 years ago created
In the Netherlands (in 2BA database), Caleffi classifies these products as EC011310 - Three-way control valve. That does not seem completely accurate. On the other hand, this class mentions synonyms like "Thermostatic three-way valve with bypass" that would indicate products like your anti-condensation valve. But then the features are not really sufficient to describe these products. So the solution would be to either extend the features in this class or develop a separate dedicated class. Ask you local ETIM to help you with this (only local members can ask for changes).
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