BMEcat & Local standard features in ETIM8

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Dominique Erramoun 2 years ago created

Do we need to provide all the local standard features, as the other features, in all the BMEcat, whatever the language(s) provided, meaning that the filter is managed on the BMEcat consumer side?

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Marc Habets 2 years ago created
A very good and valid question! Actually we discussed about this yesterday in our Standardisation Committee meeting, but did not yet reach a final conclusion if local standard features will be mandatory or optional in the BMEcat exchange.

For the current version ETIM BMEcat 4.0 is clear: all ETIM features are mandatory, so also the local standard features. But if they are not relevant, like a Finnish standard if you are only providing data for Spain, you can fill in "-" for FVALUE and if you like also add "NA" for 'not applicable' in the field FVALUE_DETAILS.

The next version of ETIM BMEcat is not expected before end Q2 2021, before that we will communicate clearly on any changes. 
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