Cap bracket (EC010974) vs. Pipe saddle clamp (EC000127) vs. EC000368 (Tube clamp)

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Roberto Ortega 4 years ago created

I'm seeing very similar products for both "Cap bracket" (EC010974) and "Pipe saddle clamp" (EC000127) in the reference pictures in the CMT as well as in 2ba.

On the other hand I understand that in the case of a "Tube clamp" EC000368, the difference is that the tube is introduced from an opening in the clamp and then it gets fixed inside, while in the case of a "pipe saddle clamp", the clamp COVERS the tube and then is fixed, right?

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Marc Habets 4 years ago created
First observation here is that EC010974 originates from the HVAC sector, the other 2 classes from the electrical sector. That is not seldom the reason for any classes that seem to overlap each other. And within a huge area as fasteners are, it is very difficult to get to a unambiguous classification. Hence the urgent need for an expert group to be formed. 

2BA is great as a source for reference products, soon to be followed by other local ETIM databases in other countries, but sometimes it is also very disappointing to see how manufacturers don't take their responsibility serious! If I see that Fischer classifies 'worm screw clamps for hoses' as EC000127 - Pipe saddle clamp, then how do you expect your customers to find your products? Same for EC000368 - Tube clamp, very wrong products appearing in 2BA.

So regarding EC010974 and EC000127, there is some overlap that has to be resolved in the future, for now best advice to use the first one for HVAC tubing and the last one for electrical conduits and cables. With both these products you fix it by mounting the bracket/saddle over the tube.

EC000368 - Tube clamp is a typical product for easy mounting of electrical conduits where you just click the conduit in the clamp. Like the reference product added to the class in CMT.
Roberto Ortega 4 years ago created
Exactly! The example you say about Fischer classifying the "worm screw clamp for hoses" as EC000127 - Pipe saddle clamp confused me so much!

It's great to know that other local ETIM databases will be available to search for reference products ?

The solution you propose for clamps for the time being is very clear, thanks a lot!


Roberto Ortega 4 years ago created

I have a question regarding the following type of clamp - it's very similar to a a nail clip but there's no nail involved, it just gets hammered with no nail involved. As it covers the tube completely, my first guess would be EC000127 - Pipe saddle clamp - I've seen some products like these classified in 2ba as "Tube clamps" EC000368. What do you think?

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Marc Habets 4 years ago created
I fully agree with you on EC000127 - Pipe saddle clamp, with EF002442: Type of fastening = EV002400: Plug-in mounting
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