Class for furnitures

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Ayanle Barre 1 year ago created
Why we do not have Classes for example: table, sofa, park furniture, etc. ?
Ayanle Barre 1 year ago created
I searched from every corner in CMT but couldn't find classes for furnitures above mentioned. Maybe we could hear from experts what would they say.
Marc Habets 1 year ago created
ETIM is a classification model for technical products. Started from electrical, ETIM gradually expanded its scope to HVAC and Plumbing, Building Materials, Tools, Shipbuilding etc. But even though these products are not directly within ETIM's scope, you can be surprised to find many products in ETIM you would not expect.  These are mostly introduced by the Shipbuilding sector, they want to classify everything they need not only to build ships, but also to operate them. Or by wholesalers, that have expanded their assortments far beyond just technical products. Depending on the completeness of synonyms, sometimes these products might be somewhat difficult to find. Bu we do indeed have EC012257 - Sofa. 
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