Class for the Built-in element for wall-mounted toilet

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Christer Nordemo 4 years ago created
Is there any class today for the built-in element for wall-mounted toilets?

In this case the toilet combination (bowl and cistern) is all placed outside the wall. The built-in element is just an fixing plate construction inside the wall.

This means that the classes below are not applicable (as I see it):
• EC011336 - Front wall/built-in element wall toilet with flusher
• EC010145 - Double wall/built-in element wall-hung closet with flushing reservoir

Example products:

Grateful for suggestions.
Marc Habets 4 years ago created
Hi Christer,

All the current available classes for these products can be found in group EG017130 - Mounting frames for reception devices/taps. Clearly your example does not fit to one of these, so a new class will be needed in my opinion. As far as I can see EC010979 is closest to what you need, so could serve as starting point for the new class?
Christer Nordemo 4 years ago created
Many thanks, @marchabets​.
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