Definition of values of feature "Appearance" (EF020837) for Mosaic Tile (EC011341)

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Roberto Ortega 4 years ago created

I have some doubts regarding feature "appearance" ( EF020837) in Mosaic Tiles. These are the possible values:

1 EV022261 Mat
2 EV003699 Paper
3 EV002037 Module
4 EV000230 Loose

It would be great to have a definition of each one - what is a mat mosaic? Is it like a normal mat but made of mosaic, and you can move it from one place to another? And what about a paper mosaic? Same regarding "Module" and "Loose" (I imagine that loose means that the tiles are loose, not put in place yet, correct?

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Marc Habets 4 years ago created
3 of the 4 are clear to me, about 3 Module I am not 100% sure. 
1. 'Mat' means that the mosaic tiles are attached to a sort of mesh on the back side of the tiles, so you can mount/glue a whole pattern at once. The mesh remains in the cement or glue. Joints still have to be filled/ washed in (don't know the exact English word) 
2. 'Paper' means that the single small mosaic tiles are held together by a paper on the front side of the tiles, so again you can mount a whole pattern at once in glue/cement on the wall/floor.  Joints still have to be filled/ washed in
3. 'Module': not sure about this one, but I think it is a tile that at the front side looks like a pattern of mosaic tiles, but on the back is like a normal tile that can be mounted as one (so rigid back side). Then all the joints will also be 'prefinished'.
4. 'Loose' means the single small mosaic tiles are sold separately, so you you will need to mount them one by one, but can create your own patterns. Of course a lot of work.
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