Device circuit breaker (EC003538): Feature EF011924 Fail-safe-element

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Nicolas Batas-Bjelic 5 years ago created
As the measure unit is in Ampere, we think the feature's name should be changed to "standby current of the fail safe element" in English and "Ruhestrom des Fail-Safe-Elements" in German.
Maybe EF011924 requires a boolean type (L) and not "N".
Thank you for your feed-back and greetings from Switzerland!
Nicolas Batas-Bjelic 5 years ago created
Marc Habets 5 years ago created
This is a clear German production, I have no expertise at all on this ?. Please @karlpappas​ ask German expert group (WG4) or anyone else with expertise answer this.
Nicolas Batas-Bjelic 5 years ago created
Aha "Made in Germany"?
"This is a clear German production"
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