Differentiating between anchor bolts, bolt anchors, sleeves, hammer set anchors and anchor rods

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Roberto Ortega 5 years ago created
(I was trying to edit my last comment and I accidentally erased the topic, sorry!) Here is my edited opening question:


I am trying to differentiate the following classes:

EC002342 - Bolt anchor
EC000048 - Anchor bolt
EC000755 - Anchor sleeve
EC000009 - Hammer set anchor
EC002336 - Anchor rod

- What is the difference between a "bolt anchor" and an "anchor bolt"?

- In the case of the "anchor sleeve", are we talking about a "sleeve anchor"? Here's an example: https://www.concretefasteners.com/how-to-install-sleeve-anchors - Or are we talking only about the "sleeve" that can cover a bolt?

- What differentiates a "Hammer set anchor" from the others? A hammer is generally used to set anchor bolts in place, right? (and after getting set, they get tightened with a wrench or so) The image that appears in the CMT for this class looks like a sleeve only.

- An anchor rod doesn't seem have an expanding sleeve - is this what differentiates it from the rest?

Thanks very much,

Marc Habets 5 years ago created
Dear Roberto,

That is a difficult topic you have opened now! It is clear to us for some time already that this group of fasteners is far from unambiguous and needs to be updated urgently. In the Netherlands a working group started end of 2016, but did not manage to get to a final result before release of ETIM 7.0, and due to some circumstances the group became inactive altogether. But looking at the minutes of their first and only meeting, they were on the right track to a proper solution. They justly concluded that many existing classes are inconclusive, so many products can be assigned to different classes, something which clearly is very much against the principles of ETIM. Their preliminary idea was to investigate merging all different (some 15) classes for bolts to one new class, the same for nuts, and then making sure the right model can be selected by a good, extended set of features. To me this makes perfect sense, but it is quite a 'huge operation'. I will try to contact the Dutch team on this (@arnoldkampstra​; @gabijongste​) and also put it on the ETIM TC (Technical Committee) agenda. This also has relevance for the current project to incorporate Proficl@ss into ETIM, a project run by the German ETIM organization (@karlpappas​).

That for the general idea, some more specific answers to your questions where possible:
- I don't think there is a real difference between a "bolt anchor" and an "anchor bolt", in my 
  opinion they should be merged to one

- EC000755 - Anchor sleeve is only the 'sleeve' without the bolt.

- EC000009 - Hammer set anchor: the distinguishing feature here seems to be that it has a 
  fastening provision, that is already included in the product (by the way, I changed the feature
  'Mounting feature' to 'Fastening provision'). I also changed the reference products, see a clear
  example also with this topic. Why they called this a hammer set anchor, where clearly also the
  others are 'set with a hammer' I can only guess. One more reason to merge... 

- EC002336 - Anchor rod: looking at example products your estimation seems correct that it
  does not have a sleeve (and so is probably used in combination with another product?).

To be continued!
Roberto Ortega 5 years ago created
Dear Marc,

Thanks very much for the detailed answer, I see the situation.


Roberto Ortega 5 years ago created

Following the previous conversation,EC002335 - Wedge anchor could be merged with EC002342 - Bolt anchor / EC000048 - Anchor bolt, right?

And EC000364 - Screw anchor could be merged with EC000755 - Anchor sleeve?


Marc Habets 5 years ago created
Maybe/probably, but this has to be done by an expert group reviewing the complete group. It all is connected, so no use to just change a few things without considering the 'big picture'. 
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