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Nico Schmid 4 years ago created
Hi Marc,

I am struggling to find the meaning of "EF021908: ULC quality mark". Even though I appreciate your explanations a lot, I wonder whether there is some sort of documentation/explanation to ECs, EFs and EVs where I could find the meaning without having to ask you in this forum.
I find that that the CMT would be the right place for additional information which may help to understand the ECs, EFs and EVs.
Are you aware of such a documentation?
Thanks very much!
Marc Habets 4 years ago created
Hi Nico, unfortunately there is no real documentation/definition on ECs, EFs and EVs. For EFs and EVs we have a remark field in CMT that we can use if necessary. There are 2 main reasons for not having such a documentation: 1. the features in ETIM should be self-explaining, meaning that in the context of the product class, the product experts (manufacturers or competent users) should understand the meaning. If as a manufacturer you don't understand a certain feature, then maybe the feature is not correct for those products. 2. Where reason 1 should be valid for most features/values, we sure recognize that this is not always the case. Since we simply don't have the time (yet) to give definitions for all EFs and EVs, we only use the remark fields now in cases like your example, where the remark can help understand. Actually, sometimes you can't even explain a feature just in general, but an explanation in the context of a certain class could be needed. Finally, to explain EC classes, reference products should be used for that. I added a remark for the feature you mentioned see So until better solutions are available, just don't hesitate to keep asking your questions! And maybe soon many other ETIM experts around the world will join me in answering the questions on this forum ?
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