EC000464 (Fixing clamp) - possibility to add reference images for beam clips?

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Roberto Ortega 4 years ago created

"Beam clip" is included as a synomym for EC000464 (Fixing clamp), but I've noticed other kinds of beam camps that have a different aspect to the present reference images, I attach files. If these are also classified as EC000464, could these kinds of clips be added as reference images, for future reference?

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Roberto Ortega 4 years ago created
In the same sense, it would be great to differentiate the following 3 classes:

- EC000464 (Fixing clamp) - link to the last question, the reference image includes a screw, so it leads me to think it's a screw clamp
- EC000474 (Screw clamp)
- EC010150 (Rail beam clamp) - Manufacturers such as Velu or nVent Caddy classify the beam clamp in the attached image as "Rail beam clamp". Is this correct, or is there another class for this?



Marc Habets 4 years ago created
I believe both first examples should be in EC000464. I added both examples as reference, but please realize that reference products are just a reference and are not intended to cover all possible models in a class. 

Regarding the added questions, EC000464 has screwing as possible type of fastening, but that is just one of the several fastening types. So it does not justify calling the class screw clamp?

EC000474 - Screw clamp: can well be translation issue, English translation seems to be done with German as source language. If you look at the Dutch class name, it says 'beam clamp C-model', I added a clearer reference product for now. 

EC010150 - Rail beam clamp: The class code (>EC010000) tells me it originates from the HVAC sector, so might be overlapping with classes from electrical sector. Looking at products in 2BA that feeds the idea that the current classification is not unambiguous, like said before we urgently need experts looking at this.
Roberto Ortega 4 years ago created
Ok great, knowing that EC000474 is a C-model clamp makes it clearer!

Thanks a lot,

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