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Wil Test 5 years ago created

We have started the enrichment of the product data for all work clothes. We can read on the ETIM International site, that someone has requested changes to the EC002085 class, so it’s no longer possible to fill in size values = 46, 48, 50 … to 110. A lot of manufacturers are still using this for the trousers, so how do you suggest we handle those in the class version 5?

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Marc Habets 5 years ago created

Indeed, there has been a change to the features for EC002085 – Working trousers. But you can still classify sizes like 48 etc, only now using a range-type feature, EF012283 – Size. A few issues were solved with this change. In the earlier solution, the list contained size like XL, single sizes like 48 and combined sizes like 50/52 in one list, where you can only choose on from the list. But (if I am correct) size L for men is equal to size 52. In the new solution, you can choose if it is for men, women or unisize, the size as XS etc AND using the range feature all sizes like 48 as well as 48/52. In a range feature a single value like 48 is then simply filled in like 48 – 48. Hope it is clear to you now, if not please let me know.

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