EF011587 Luminous flux - multiple values

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Piotr Rak 2 years ago created
Hi all,

Have a quick question regarding multiple values for lumen output. Same apply for CCT, Efficacy. 
Let me explain quickly. Our company have over last few years introduced number of downlights and other type of luminaries with switch allowing to select different colour of the emitted light. For example 3000K/4000K/6500K. Luminaries will have different lumen outputs at each CCT.
My question is:
How this kind of situation is handled in ETIM? 
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Roberto Ortega 2 years ago created
Hello Piotr,

Feature EF011587 - Luminous flux is type "range", so a minimum and maximum value must be informed. So, in the example you put, I would inform of the minimum and maximum lumens the lamp can give, depending on the color temperature. 

However, you can't inform of any exact middle values in between (for example, the luminous flux with a color temperature of 4000K).

Hope this helps!


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