EF022413 "built-in box" - Meaning

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Tina Stürzinger 1 year ago created
Hello everyone,

In EC011523 'electric control flushing system', we have to fill the features EF022831, EF021476 and EF021477 (height, width and depth of a built-in box). However, nobody has any idea what a built-in box is or what it looks like? Could someone give me an example with a picture? 

Thank you for your help, ?

Best regards from Switzerland 

Marc Habets 1 year ago created
Hi Tina, I have an example that you should recognize ? Geberit 115.861.00.1. Is actually a round box, but still described (also in your own drawing with rectangular dimensions). Is also classified by Geberit in Dutch central database 2BA. 

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