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Kirsten Schelde Larsen 5 years ago created
One of the strengths of ETIM is that all information transfer takes place using codes and numbers and there are no ambiguities.
Recently the SI or ISO Units of measure column in the CMT tool was supplemented by a Unit (imp.) column. What is the reason for this? Does that not introduce a source of ambiguity with regard to the unit of measure of the ETIM standard?

Thanks /Kirsten
Marc Habets 5 years ago created
The reason is simple, ETIM is now being used globally and in the Northern American market they use imperial units. That's why we needed to find a solution for that, that by the way is not yet perfect, but a good start. See the attached PowerPoint for some more explanation. Only in CMT will you see both units next to each other, length is still length, whether it is expressed in meters or feet. But if we make an export (release) from CMT you can choose to have metric units, imperial units or both. At the export for the features with imperial units a different code is assigned to distinguish it from the metrical variant. So as in the example in the attached presentation you can have an EF007220 for Busbar thickness in mm and an EFI07220 for Busbar thickness in inch. So the separate EFI code (still related to the original metric one) makes it unambiguous again. I hope this explains it to you, but for Europe we will clearly only release the ETIM model in metrical version.
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