Fitting with 2 connections (EC003024) - Angle (EF005431) of straight fittings = NA [solved]

Last comment 26/08/2020 22:03 by Nico
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Nico Schmid 2 years ago created
Hi all,

What is best practice in filling EF005431 for shapes other than knee/bend?
In example, should we maintain 'NA' or '0' for straight fittings?

Thanks very much!
Marc Habets 2 years ago created
Hi Nico, since you mention NA, I assume you are well aware how to treat features that are not applicable for a certain product. If not, see this topic 

In your specific example I understand your doubt, but I would still use NA, it has no angle so the feature is not applicable. I can imagine that it is tempting to use 0 degrees, which by the way technically would be wrong, since a straight fitting would be 180°? No one looking for a straight fitting should search on bend angle. 
Nico Schmid 2 years ago created
Thanks for clarification. We internally discussed it and NA was getting most support, too.
We also discussed the 0 vs 180 degrees for a straight, but no need to go into details, since we agree on NA being first-best anyway. ;)
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