Mapping ETIM with eCl@ss and proficl@ss

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Roberto Ortega 6 years ago created

Hello again,

I'm learning about ETIM and I had a question regarding the current state of mapping between ETIM and other standards such as eCl@ss and Proficl@ss. Is there documentation regarding the mapping between ETIM and other standards? Roughly how much of ETIM is mapped to eCl@ss / Proficl@ss?

Thanks very much,


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Marc Habets 6 years ago created

Hi Roberto, there is a cooperation between ETIM Germany and Proficl@ss that exists for a long time. The classification structure of both standards is not the same, but aside from the hierarchy in Proficl@ss (that ETIM does not have) it is very similar. Especially for electric tools, that exist in both classifications, ETIM has already taken into consideration existing features etc. from Proficl@ss in the past. For ETIM 7.0 now many new classes, that are relevant for ETIM, but did not exist before, are developed based on existing Proficl@ss classes. In the future the existing cooperation will be intensified. But although many joined classes might look quite similar, there is no formal mapping between both standards. For more information on Proficl@ss you can contact my German colleague @karlpappas

Marc Habets 6 years ago created

Dear Roberto,

There is no mapping between ETIM and Proficl@ss yet. For eCl@ss there is a mapping for the electrical part of ETIM to eCl@ss. This should be complete on class level and partial on feature level (I don't know %). The mapping ETIM – eCl@ss is a project of ETIM Germany, so is not managed by ETIM International. The mapping is available for ETIM members on request to ETIM Germany. For that you should contact  

Roberto Ortega 6 years ago created

Hello Marc,

Thanks for your answer. Regarding proficl@ss, I was wondering about mapping because of a comment in your ETIM 7.0 article: "In the context of a continuing harmonisation with the Proficl@ss classification standard (for tools and hardware) many new classes for tools were added to ETIM." This means that many classes have been added following the same structure as Proficl@ss?

Thanks again,


Łukasz Bartodziejski 5 years ago created
Hello @robertoortega
Have you managed to find someone with mapping? We have also contacted someone from stabstelle ( MR Karl Pappas ) and  the outcome was "So today there is no possibility for companies that are not member of ETIM Germany to get these mapping files." Have you managed to contact any of your suppliers maybe ?
Roberto Ortega 5 years ago created
Hello @lukaszbartodziejski​, I'm afraid I don't have more information about this at the moment either, sorry...
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