Perilex socket outlet EC000086 and SCHUKO

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Mary Shaw 2 years ago created
Is Perilex not a brand name, and if so, should we not rename it to a more generic name?  And the same goes for features that reference SCHUKO, I think?
Marc Habets 2 years ago created
SCHUKO is a registered name but not a brand name, it is derived from the German SCHutzKOntakt or protective contact. More detailled, it is CEE 7/4 resp. CEE 7/3. See also We usually only add that between brackets like EF009729: Number of output connections with protective contact (SCHUKO). This because many will recognize it like that, other countries can of course choose to include that in their translation or not. 

Perilex is a trade name, but also not a brand name, see Technically this has been superseded by IEC 60309, as in earlier topic on CEE plug. But the problem is that we can't just call it a plug plug according to IEC 60309, also it is not only industrial, but for home use as well (ovens etc.). An option for a better name for the North American market (if you use this type of plugs at all) might be "Indoor three-phase electric power plug" 
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