Set of products from three different ETIM classes

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Nico Schmid 3 years ago created
Hi everyone, how would you classify a product if it's a set of parts which belong to three different ETIM classes?

In this case it's a combination of:
installation element (EC010145),
toilet (EC011289),
toilet seat (EC011196)
actuator plate (EC010063)

Shall I raise an RFC to add such a class (ETIM 8)?

edit: the "parts" are also separately for sale.

a) Classify into ETIM class of the most important component (EC010145) and requesting new EFs 'with actuator plate' and 'with toilet', ..

b) challenge single-valued classification.

I'd be able to describe the set as combination of installation element (EC010145),
toilet (EC011289),
toilet seat (EC011196)
actuator plate (EC010063)
and then describe each componet as detailed as i could if they were sold individually.
Marc Habets 3 years ago created
Good discussion, but not so easy. In the current ETIM structure the only real option is to develop a new class for the set, combining the most important features of all separate parts without going too deep in specification.

- Your solution to classify the set into the class for the most important component is not preferred. Is it a toilet with installation element or an installation element with toilet? What is the most important component? You can sit on a toilet with no seat if you need urgently, but for the rest you need all components

- ETIM NL is experimenting with a solution for ‘combined classes’, that can be a future solution for this problem. With that you can define a set as a combination of several separate classes. I will see if we can put that up for discussion in our TC, but as you can imagine the impact for the model and also the user systems would be substantial.

- If you need to use an existing class, then EC011318 - Toilet combination is closest, although not intended for a combination of single components.
Christer Nordemo 3 years ago created
In Sweden we will solve this problem in another way. We will give the combined product a separate article number. This article number contains no ETIM data, but instead it contain the different included parts own article number. The included parts own article number then are connected to its ETIM class and could contain the ETIM data.
Christer Nordemo 3 years ago created
And by the way, I think if we should have classes for all kind of HVAC and sanitary combinations that exists I think it would be unmanageable in ETIM.
Marc Habets 3 years ago created
The limitation with your solution is that you can't search (filter) the right product (combination) any more on ETIM features. That is not really satisfying, we should find better ways for the future. 
Holger Westphal 2 years ago created
I see another problem with this approach: It only makes sense if all ETIM-users down the road to the end customer can follow that in their own systems - which probably is not the case as it would require software build to support that.
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