Should CEE reference be replaced by IEC?

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Mary Shaw 2 years ago created
We have come across a lot of socket outlets, etc., that call out CEE in the Class name and again in some features.  From what I'm hearing from my manufacturer members, IEC superseded CEE.
Marc Habets 2 years ago created
CEE plug is a European denomination for industrial plugs according to IEC 60309 (or EN 60309). The standard IEC 60309 has replaced the former standard CEE 17. In ETIM we don't refer to the old standard any more, relevant feature refer to the new standard, like EF006726: Voltage according to EN 60309-2. 

But in Europe they still call these plugs CEE plugs, if these are called differently in North America, then the translations can be differentiated. But I am not sure if a class name like "Industrial plug according to IEC 60309" would be appreciated by the market. Could be a discussion for the Standardisation Committee (electrical subcommittee). 
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