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Marc Habets 2 years ago created
We have published an updated version of the ETIM Classification Guidelines document, adding important guidelines on for example the new solution for local standard features.
The updated document with a total of 41 pages adds 6 more pages to the previous version. A separate change log chapter summarizes the changes and additions to the previous version.  You can find a the updated document in the download section on www.etim-international.com under “classification and format”. 
Ronald Muller 2 years ago created
My compliments, a really useful (and indispensable) document!

Some minor remarks:

Page 11: The diagram mentions "Article" instead of "Product". This is not correct, in the "PIM world" these are different concepts

Ibid. Feature, "EF + 6 digits". What about EFI + 5 digits and local features + 4 digits?

Page 34: No mention of https://community.etim-international.com/conversations/range-value-in-descending-order-permitted?
Marc Habets 2 years ago created
- I remember the discussion regarding article versus product from the Netherlands ? and I agree with you that the 2 are different concepts. I will change that for the next version.

- Regarding EF codes, those are the basic model codes. Special codes like EFIxxxxx and EFNLxxxx are properly defined in the dedicated sections as well as in the IXF format and XSD schema. 

- sort order range features: Is a recommendation for the exchange, not needed as classification guideline. Is part of the ETIM BMEcat guidelines.
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