What feature will substitute the deprecated feature "Finish" (EF020847) in Ceramic Tile?

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Roberto Ortega 4 years ago created

I have seen that the deprecated feature "Finish" (EF024897), which determines if a tile is Matt, Gloss or Satin Gloss will be succeeded by "Degree of gloss" (EF024897). However in Ceramic Tile "Degree of Gloss" is not available yet, how should we classify the gloss of these tiles? Should we use the deprecated feature? In a future ETIM 8.0 release, will "Finish" automatically become "Degree of Gloss" or is it a manual change we will have to do?


Marc Habets 4 years ago created
Hi Roberto, for this also please look back to our earlier discussion on deprecated elements see http://community.etim-international.com/conversations/deprecated-features-values?highlight=deprecated . Deprecated means the feature can not be used again for new classification and will be phased out in the future. So if there is gonna be a change request for this class we will replace the deprecated feature with its successor. But that is for the classification management in CMT. In ETIM 7 this feature is published, so you can only use this, even if in CMT it is deprecated. So as explained before, it is not sure if this feature for this class will be replaced by its successor in ETIM 8, that is not automatically. Probably yes, but that depends if there will other changes or planned maintenance on deprecated elements. 
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